Friday, October 4, 2013


Check it out--there's an all new Hoax Hunters story in this year's CBLDF Annual! Steve and I were thrilled and honored to contribute--it's a great issue for a great cause, and you can pick it up right now!

Our story is called "Grievance Day", illustrated by Joe Eisma (!), colored by Greg and Fake, and lettered by Jim Campbell.

Here's one of four nifty covers that you can grab at your local LCS:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hoax Hunters Has You Covered (In Variants)

As we look toward the highly anticipated return of Hoax Hunters after a three-month hiatus with issue #10, we wanted to share the three variant covers that will be available. Also shown here is the Wizard World variant for Case Files #1, just because it's so damn cool. Going left to right, top to bottom, you have the Phantom Variant, which is the first of four interlocking covers. Art by Jenny Frison. The individual pieces are amazing enough--but when all four are together, it's an incredible piece. Next is the Project Comic Con/Comics Castle variant, art by Tim Seeley, colors by Sean Dove. Hot Regan, not much else needed. Then you have the Comics and More variant, art by Mike Oritz. Yep, that's Steve, owner Chris Brown, Ortiz, and I playing with Hoax Hunters action figures. Dream come true! Last is the Case Files variant, art by Matt Waite. 8-bit awesomeness.

Steve and I will be signing the Comics and More variant on September 14 at the shop, and we'll be at Project Comic Con from September 21-22, signing the Seeley variant. Lots of travels ahead!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Get Caught Up!

To help new readers get caught up with the series, and refresh current, we put together this nifty PDF that tells the Hoax Hunters story thus far. Get a full recap, character profiles, and a look at issue #10, out September 4! Download the PDF here, or get it on ComiXology.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Word of Mouth

Need more convincing to check out Hoax Hunters before the new arc starts September 4 (with new kick-ass artists T-Rex Jones)? Here's one way we're making it easy: A .99 cent sale of issues 0-9 (with issue #1 for FREE) over on ComiXology. And if buck is too much, then you have the opportunity to read issue 0 and part of issue #1 for FREE on Keenspot.

Still need convincing? Don't listen to me, listen to what other people are saying:

"A great series that keeps knocking it out of the park monthly. 10 of 10" --Newsarama

"Fresh, exciting, and delightfully bizarre." Ain't It Cool News

"Hoax Hunters is a book after my own heart. In fact, I wish I had created it. Anyone who loves smart, weird, breakneck, funny, scary, inventive comics should add Hoax Hunters to their pull list without delay or be labeled a heretic." --Phil Hester 

"Worth the cover price each and every month." IGN

"A great read for any comics fan." Read Comic Books

"The work on character is so smartly woven into the ongoing storyline that the book stands out from other similarly themed stories." Comics Beat

"****ing solid. Doing big things...taking big chances." The Death of Comics

"What more do you want people? What more do you want?!?!" Comics Should Be Good

"With Hoax Hunters, you get the whole package: engaging characters, high-octane action, and severe creepiness. It's a perfect blend of mystery, horror, and sci-fi. I'm hooked." --Cullen Bunn

"A-, a great series." Weekly Comic Review

"Out of all the new comics that debuted this year, none of them captured my imagination like Hoax Hunters.The best comic of 2012." Horror Talk

"If you like  shows Destination Truth but think they could use more scarecrow astronauts and throat punches, then Hoax Hunters is the book for you: smart, funny and pure entertainment."--Justin Jordan

Nominated for a Ghastly Award for Best New Series

You are officially out of excuses. Issue #10 releases Sept. 4--you're going to want to be there.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Read Hoax Hunters for FREE

That's right. The critically acclaimed series, recently optioned for a movie, is now FREE to read on Keenspot. Get caught up with the hit series, get acquianted, or share it with a friend. Issue #0 launched today and we will be updating with a new page every Monday and Thursday. The start of the new arc begins September 4--the final arc of season one AND the first issue from new artist T-Rex Jones--making now a great time to jump on board.

Read Hoax Hunters here:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hoax Hunters: Case Files #1

New stuff keeps on coming around these parts! Next up is some info on our annual issue, Hoax Hunters: Case Files #1.

It's available to order right now, this second (Diamond order code APR130437) and features a killer lineup of amazing creators. Here's the contributors, listed by team:

Tim Daniel and Nick Pitarra
Tim Seeley and Clint Hilinksi
Steve Seeley and Ryan Browne
Erik Burnham and Keith Burns
Gabriel Bautista
Michael Moreci and Brian Level (featuring Fact or Faked's Ben Hansen)
Frank Barbiere and Tyler Champion

Also, this cover from Mike Norton!

And, here's some previews! (In various stages...)