About HH

Hi, welcome the official website for Hoax Hunters, a comic series published by Image Comics!

Hoax Hunters is an ongoing series about a reality television series that goes out into the world to disprove various myths, hoaxes, and legends. The three hosts--Jack Lawson, Ken Cadaver, and Regan Tate--prove how things like Bigfoot, UFOs, and other unexplainable anomalies are all fake. But in reality, those things are very, very real, and it's the job of Jack, Ken, and Regan, and their sidekick Murder (an astronaut inhabited by crows--read issue #0) to keep those dark corners of the world covered up.

The book has been met with consistent critical acclaim--including many "best of 2012" accolades--and has recently been optioned for a major motion picture.

You can pick up the first two trades on Amazon, read the series digitally on ComiXology, or visit your local comic shop and get caught up.