Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Issue #1 Delay

Well, some frustrating news. Due to a printer error, Hoax Hunters #1 has been pushed back from its original 7/4 release date to 7/11. For what it's worth, we had the issue in at Image on time, ready for our release date; and, Image had the files to the printer on time. And I say that because the last thing Steve and I want is to earn a reputation as creators whose books don't ship on time. This isn't the way we wanted to start. So, please know, this is (hopefully) just a fluke thing, and shipping will be smooth from here on out.

I suppose the good news to take away from all this is that, with the delay, issues #1 and #2 are now one week closer together!

Otherwise, we're straight on to July 11. Thanks for your patience!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hoax Hunters at USA Today!

We were very fortunate to have USA Today (courtesy of Brian Truitt) feature Hoax Hunters in their Entertainment section. It was a pretty insightful piece, and really brought out the best qualities of the book. Check out the full article, which includes a nine-page preview of issue #1.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hitting the Road!

With the release of issue #1 just around the corner (July 4, or the 5th depending on whether your shop opens--so either Independence Day or X Day), Steve and I have a pretty full signing docket ahead of us. We'll be traveling to the east coast, west coast, and a few places in between! If you live around these areas, well, come grab your copy of one of this summer's biggest releases!

Here's the locations and dates:

July 5: Comix Revolution in Evanson, IL, 12-2; Chicago Comics, 6-8

July 7: Collectors Corner in Baltimore, MD, 11-5

July 12-15: SDCC, at the Image booth (table # to come)

August 8: Chimera Comics in LaGrange, IL, celebrating the release of issue #2

September 1: Comic Book University in Indianapolis, IN, celebrating the release of Hack/Slash #19, written by Steve and I

September 8: Powers Comics, Green Bay, WI

See you there!