Wednesday, December 26, 2012

End of the Year

It's the time of year where for "best of" list-making, greatest this, coolest that. Awards and whatnot. You all know what this is about. Hoax Hunters has been lucky enough to be honored with inclusion on some of these lists and honored with a few awards. They are...

Horror Talk gave Hoax Hunters the top spot on their best horror comics of 2012 list, saying "Out of all the new comics that debuted this year, none of them captured my imagination like Hoax Hunters."

Over at the Well Watchers podcast, Hoax Hunters won the fan vote for Best New Series, beating out Hawkeye, Prophet, and some other stiff competition. The Golden Uatu is ours.

Multiversity asked a slew of creators what their favorite book of 2012 was, and a few picked Hoax Hunters.

Bloody Disgusting ranked the top 10 trades of 2012--Hoax Hunters made the cut!

Grayhaven's Marc Lombardi ranked Hoax Hunters #9 on his list of best comics of 2012.

Bloody Disgusting also had a really nice retrospective on 20 years of Image Comics, looking back on the publisher's anniversary year. One of the Image books the selected to check out? Hoax Hunters!

This just in! Hoax Hunters has been nominated for a Ghastly Award for Best New Series! Fna voting opens Jan. 1. More on this soon...

And, finally, the always terrific Ain't It Cool News gave first Hoax Hunters trade a glowing review,  calling it "fresh, exciting, and delightfully bizarre."

Thursday, December 13, 2012

East Coast Tour!

This is happening! Next month, Steve and I are stomping through the Eastern seaboard, visiting Larry's Comics, Jetpack, Double Midnight, and Friendly Neighborhood Comics! Check out the flier for all the details--and don't forger to preorder your copy of Hoax Hunters #6, the start of a brand new arc and featuring a cover by Jenny Frison!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eisma Cover!

Joe Eisma graciously lent his many talents to another issue of Hoax Hunters (he did the cover for #5 as well). This one of TWO covers for an upcoming issue. Two covers, what does it mean?! Find out soon!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who's Afraid of Haunchyville?

Here at Hoax Hunters Central, we like to stir things up. Rattle cages. Ruffle feathers. Think outside the box. Drink whiskey.

(Okay, the last one is unrelated, but we still like whiskey. Lots.)

With a brand new arc (Haunchyville) starting in January, we wanted to do something special to kick it off. Something that you don't see all the time. We kicked around the idea of 500 variant covers, but that didn't stick; and it's too soon for a reboot. So we put some thought into something that would enhance the Hoax Hunters experience adn, viola, a short film was born.

The Hoax Hunters culture, as most of you know, is one that thrives off of fun, scary, campy, and ridiculous YouTube videos. There'd be no Destination Truth without them. Owing to that, we decided to make our own. We enlisted the help of James Cooper, a friend and talented filmmaker, and had this movie produced. What you see are the exploits of the Hoax Hunters Hunters, a group that is on to the Hoax Hunters and their manipulative ways. The Hunters go into the woods of Haunchyville, searching for proof...

The beginning of Haunchyville launches in issue #6. It features art from Axel Medellin, a beautiful cover from Jenny Frison, and two backup stories--it's packed issue. In the meantime, enjoy the short movie to whet your appetite!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hoax Hunters Trade

On December 5, we’re releasing our first trade, and Steve and I have gone all out to make this edition truly special. While we appreciate the economic value of having a trade simply be a stripped down collection of issues, we wanted to go bigger and make this book something truly unique and special. So we gathered some never-before-scene art, rallied some talented guests, and have compiled a really nice edition—Hoax Hunters Book One: Murder, Death, and the Devil.

Here’s a look at everything included in the first trade:

 -Issues 0-5 of the critically acclaimed series

-An introduction written by Ben Hansen, host of SyFy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

-Mothman, an new short comic from artist Jeremy Tinder (this hasn’t, and won’t, appear in any Hoax Hunters single issue)

-Painted issue dividers by Steve, who also painted the trade cover, making for one cohesive visual motif; we also included all six stunning issue covers (including cover art from Tim Seeley, Joe Eisma, and more)

-The original Murder design, as well as notes on the character’s creation

-Original advertising art

And while you're here, why not check out a page from Tinder's Mothman story!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hoax Hunters on Word Balloon, at NYCC

Steve and I had the good fortune to talk with the always insightful and entertaining John Siuntres for the Word Balloon podcast. Clink this link to listen to the entire show, which also includes some guy named Ed Brubaker.

Additionally, Steve and I will be at NYCC all weekend, tabel Q17. We'll have issue 1 - 4 of Hoax Hunters, prints, and we'll be joining forces to create the worst sketches of all time. Come say hello!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Issue #4 Cover

This here is the fantastic to cover to issue #4, illustrated by Keith Burns (my cohort on ReincarNATE). This issue marks the final issue in the "Die Off Another Day" arc. Find it in stores October 10!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hoax Hunters #3: Here's What People Are Saying

IGN says Hoax Hunters is "worth the cover price each and every month."

"A grade A title," says Unleash the Fanboy.

Bloody Disgusting gave this issue a 3.5 of 5, saying it's "a solid read for anyone who wants jump into a new book that’s only going to get better."

Team Hellions declares issue #3 "another stellar issue of Hoax Hunters, the series that I’ve come to rely on."

Issue #3 is Horror Talk's Book of the Week: "Murder, a former astronaut who now has his consciousness fractured into a bunch of crows living in a spacesuit, is probably the most awesome thing in comics right now."
"Different and weirder than any other comic," says First Comics News.

Talking Comics says "this is a buy for me and I can’t wait to see where this series is headed."

"The clever story continues in this issue and, at the end of every issue, there is a genuine cliffhanger that just leaves you wanting more," says Blue Raven Comics, in their 9 of 10 review.

Fanboy Comics calls Hoax Hunters "Scooby-Doo with parts of Fringe and Torchwood."

The Death of Comics calls Hoax Hunters "****ing solid. Doing big things...taking big chances."

"Hoax Hunters 3 pushes the story forward nicely, adding a few twists, but always propelling things in the right direction," says Futile Position.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Hoax Hunters, FREE!

As many of you know, ComiXology and Comics Plus have been giving away Hoax Hunters #1 for free the past few weeks. Response from new readers has been so amazing that Steve and I are upping the ante. We know there's a lot of you who haven't read issue #0, and many of you can no longer even get it--it's sold out just about everywhere. That said, Steve and I are remedying the problem by giving you issue #0 free of charge. That's right, just go to [EXPIRED, SORRY!] and download a PDF free completely free. The issue will be available from now until the release of issue #3, September 12. The only thing we ask is, if you like the book, tell your retailer! Tell your friends!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Issue # 1 FREE

That's right. Courtesy of Comics Plus and ComiXology! you can download the first issue of Hoax Hunters #1 totally free! Get it on the Comics Plus! or ComiXology app or your desktop (follow this link for desktop download for CP, this link for CX). Catch up the hit series before issue #3 comes out on September 12.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Issue #3 Cover

Courtesy of Ryan Browne. I'd say our streak of kick-ass covers is intact.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Not Convinced?

Steve and I have been promoting the heck out Hoax Hunters, on podcasts, in interviews, through in-store signings. It's our job; it's part of what we do. We believe in the book and so does Image (the greatest comics publisher on Earth) otherwise they wouldn't have given us an ongoing.

Clearly though, we have a horse in this race. You don't have to take the awesomeness of Hoax Hunters from us. Take it from all of these people:

Biff Bam Crash says "Hoax Hunters #1 is a strong debut for a promising series. Moreci , Seeley, and Medellin and artist are a deadly combination."

Newsarama listed issue #1 as one of their Must-Reads of the week.

Geeks of Doom says issue #1 is "fantastic" and "Medellin conveys a sense of SUSPENSE, which is hard to do in a comic, but it hearkens back to the old Universal Monsters films where all the “horror” was in the acting, mood, and lighting."

Comics Should Be Good asks "What more do you want people? What more do you want?!?!" and advises everyone to "Go pick up this series!" in their glowing review.

From the Tomb Magazine gave Hoax Hunters #1 a 4.5 of 5 rating, saying it has "great pacing and some killer mystery that is left to unfold. Hoax Hunters is simply put, a fun read that plays with monster mythos," and Axel Medellin "created one of the most GORE-Geous swamp monsters I have ever seen."

Bloody Disgusting gave Hoax Hunters #1 4 of 5 skulls, saying  "this is an awesomely satirical book that not only examines our obsession with hoaxes, but also society’s recent obsession with reality television."

My Comic Network calls Hoax Hunters a "great comic" and says "I cannot wait to see the rest of the ride planned for this series."

Sci-Fi Pulse gave issue #1 a 5 of 5 rating, saying "you simply have no idea what will happen next, and that makes for a powerful reading experience not be missed!"

Horror's Not Dead released an outstanding review of issue #1, commenting on the mystery and the depth of the character. "The writing keeps me intrigued and wanting more without revealing too much." Also, Axel's art "is detailed, well framed, and does an excellent job of pacing the story and dialogue."

Broken Frontier gave the issue a glowing review, saying "Moreci and Seeley clearly took fullest advantage of those short intermittent months between #0 and #1, as the pair injected page after page of fresh character development, a new story greater in scope than expected, all the while giving new artist, Axel Medellin, several plot points to flex his artist talents."

Well Watchers podcast had some really nice things to say about issue #1, calling it "pretty damn good...perfect mix of horror and investigation." They praise Axel's "fantastic art" and give the issue a solid 14/17 rating

Burnt Weiners has Hoax Hunters #1 as their Pick of the Week, saying "the art is fantastic and I cannot wait for the rest of the characters to get fleshed out because the writing is very well done."

Biff Bam Pop! has this to say about issue #1: "Great art from Axel Medellin and strong storytelling from Moreci and Seeley is what you’ll find in this first issue of Hoax Hunters. Even better, the creators aren’t spoonfeeding you the typical origin story first, get to know everybody. Instead, as you read, you realize the characters have a backstory that’s being hinted at, one that will undoubtedly come to light as the series continues, giving all of us more reason to keep on reading."

Team Hellions says "I can’t wait for the next issue to come out, and I see this becoming a regular monthly title for me. With great art, better story writing, and a killer concept, Hoax Hunters has the ability to dazzle, to fill the void sorely missing in comics when it comes to paranormal subjects steeped in reality and truth."

Comic Monsters gave issue #1 3 1/2 stars, saying, "Fans of television's backup stories like Supernatural's Ghost Facers and, more specifically, the X-Files' The Lone Gunmen are going to want to pick this up immediately."

Monday, July 9, 2012


So, it's that time of year again--SDCC! Steve and I will be at the Image booth all weekend long, sharing a table with Nate Edmondson. We will have stickers, prints, and copies of the sold out issue #0 (our final copies) as well as issue #1, which releases the first day of the con. Come by and get in on the Hoax Hunters ground floor!

Also, on Thursday I'll be part of an "up-and-coming" Image panel with a host of other great creators. I'll certainly be talking Hoax Hunters and taking whatever questions you have (which you can ask me at my table as well). It's taking place from 2:00-3:00 in Room 23ABC. Check out this nifty promo piece:

Friday, July 6, 2012

Custom Steve Seeley Painting

Just because it's so amazing.

Win this painting tomorrow at Collector's Corner! Or through the TFAW contest (which ended yesterday--but if you entered, this could be yours!).

Monday, July 2, 2012

Collector's Corner Pre-Release Signing!

Just because issue #1 was pushed back a week doesn't mean we've had to push everything back with it. Thanks to the dilligence of Image, Collector's Corner will still be receiving stock of issue #1 for the Saturday signing. That means they will be the only comic shop to have issue #1 this week! So if you're anymore near Baltimore and want an early copy, here's your chance. We'll have prints, stickers, and two custom Hoax Hunters mini-paintings, courtesy of Steve. See you there!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Issue #1 Delay

Well, some frustrating news. Due to a printer error, Hoax Hunters #1 has been pushed back from its original 7/4 release date to 7/11. For what it's worth, we had the issue in at Image on time, ready for our release date; and, Image had the files to the printer on time. And I say that because the last thing Steve and I want is to earn a reputation as creators whose books don't ship on time. This isn't the way we wanted to start. So, please know, this is (hopefully) just a fluke thing, and shipping will be smooth from here on out.

I suppose the good news to take away from all this is that, with the delay, issues #1 and #2 are now one week closer together!

Otherwise, we're straight on to July 11. Thanks for your patience!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hoax Hunters at USA Today!

We were very fortunate to have USA Today (courtesy of Brian Truitt) feature Hoax Hunters in their Entertainment section. It was a pretty insightful piece, and really brought out the best qualities of the book. Check out the full article, which includes a nine-page preview of issue #1.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hitting the Road!

With the release of issue #1 just around the corner (July 4, or the 5th depending on whether your shop opens--so either Independence Day or X Day), Steve and I have a pretty full signing docket ahead of us. We'll be traveling to the east coast, west coast, and a few places in between! If you live around these areas, well, come grab your copy of one of this summer's biggest releases!

Here's the locations and dates:

July 5: Comix Revolution in Evanson, IL, 12-2; Chicago Comics, 6-8

July 7: Collectors Corner in Baltimore, MD, 11-5

July 12-15: SDCC, at the Image booth (table # to come)

August 8: Chimera Comics in LaGrange, IL, celebrating the release of issue #2

September 1: Comic Book University in Indianapolis, IN, celebrating the release of Hack/Slash #19, written by Steve and I

September 8: Powers Comics, Green Bay, WI

See you there!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

August Double Dip!

Word finally got out, so I can at last say it publicly: Steve and I are writing an upcoming issue of Hack/Slash! This is something we’re both incredibly excited about. Personally, I’ve been a fan of Hack/Slash for years, so being given the opportunity to write an issue has been a surreal, yet amazingly fulfilling experience. Hack/Slash #19 releases August 22 and features are from Emilio Laiso. The solicit text goes like this:

Slashers, by their very nature, are hard to keep in their graves, and sometimes putting them there over and over again tests even the resolve of Cassie and Vlad. HOAX HUNTERS creators MICHAEL MORECI and STEVE SEELEY join fan-favorite artist EMILIO LAISO to tell a dark tale of the price slasher-hunters must sometime pay to take down their prey.

I’ll be honest, this is a pretty dark issue. At times when writing it, Steve and I discussed how bleak the story was getting, but we ran with it and we think Hack/Slash fans are going to be pleased.

Above are the two covers, the one on the left by Emilio, the one on the right by the man himself, Tim Seeley.

August also sees the release of Hoax Hunters #2. I’ll be talking about this plenty in coming weeks, so I won’t get into detail here. I’ll just say that the final page has something that, really, is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. All the credit for that goes to Axel Medellin and his amazing talents. Credit for the awesome cover goes to my pal Tristan Jones, who I think had a lot of fun playing with the iconic Bigfoot pose. Look for this issue August 8th.

Here’s the solicit text:

Danger awaits the Hoax Hunters at the mysterious carnival – a roaming band of cryptids with an agenda all their own. An old foe emerges, wielding a power the likes of which the Hoax Hunters have never seen. Not to mention an enormous, hideous monster.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Contest, New Press!

It's that time again, time to gear up for the release of issue #1 and launch the ongoing Hoax Hunters series. Steve, Axel, Jim, and I are absolutely thrilled. We love our first arc and can't wait for everyone to read it. The first issue releases July 5, so please be sure to remind your LCS to order a copy for you!

In the meantime, here's some details on recent press and information on a NEW contest:

Once again, our good friends at TFAW are running a sweet Hoax Hunters contest. This time around, you can win a variant cover, painted by Steve Seeley. This is a one-of-kind collectible; Steve is literally painting the cover. It isn't a copy or anything like that. All the details on how to win can be found here.

Early buzz is already beginning to spread on Hoax Hunters #1. From the Tomb Magazine gave the issue a 4.5 of 5 rating, saying it has "great pacing and some killer mystery" and is " a fun read that plays with monster mythos."

Both Graphic Policy and Comic Monsters have seven-page previews on their sites.

The latest print edition of Rue Morgue has a nice preview and interview with Steve and I.

Speaking of interviews, Steve and I spoke with Westfield Comics about the upcoming launch of Hoax Hunters. And, if you pre-order the issue from them, you'll get it signed by Steve and I!

Our friends at the Well Watchers podcast had some really nice things to say about issue #1, calling it "pretty damn good...perfect mix of horror and investigation." They praise Axel's "fantastic art" and give the issue a solid 14/17 rating.

Over at Biff Bam Pop! I wrote a guest column on origin stories, and why I think they're dull and unneccessary (in the traditional sense).

And, finally, Horror's Not Dead expressed their excitement for issue #1.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Issue #1 Preview

Many of you may have seen these pages in the back of issue #0, but in case you didn't, here's a look at issue #1!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free Comic Book Day!

FCBD is coming, and Steve and I are doing stuff! Well, one thing, but to us it's a lot. We'll be traveling to the welcoming state of Michigan for a signing at Comics & More from noon to five, with Hoax Hunters #0 (the sold out Hoax Hunters #0) in tow. So if you're in the Madison Heights area, drop by and get your copy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Issue #1 Cover!

Hopefully, you've all heard the announcement that Hoax Hunters is ongoing starting July 5. Steve, Axel, Jim, and I are all really excited!

So, you all know the drill. Please--please--be sure to tell your retailer you would like a copy of issue #1 and have him/her stock the shelves. It makes all the difference in the world, believe me. If you need it, the order code is MAY120521.

Anyway, the main purpose of this entry is to show off Tim Seeley's super amazing cover. It's such a clever design, and no one does sexy women like Tim. And, of course, what would a Hoax Hunters cover be without Murder! Steve and I love the juxtaposition of covers, between issue #0 and now issue #1. Our goal is to build a collection of wide-ranging covers from all kinds of artists. We have a lot of great people lined up for future issues and can't wait to show them off.

Stay tuned for more issue #1 previews, coming soon!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ongoing Annoucement!

After some time beating around the bush, we can at last share the great news: Hoax Hunters is a full-fledged ongoing series with Image Comics. Starting July 5, we'll be a monthly series, with Axel Medellin taking over art duties. Everyone behind the book is thrilled, to say the least.

IGN has all the details.

Also, here's a look at what critics and pros have had to say about the book:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cool Art!

I came across this piece of art via Hoax Hunters fan Craig McDaniel. Cory was lucky enough to run into Supreme artist (and very cool guy) Cory Hamscher and commissioned him for a Murder sketch. Here's what Cory came up with, seen below. Pretty amazing, if you ask me!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hoax Hunters Meets the Press, Part Three

Here's something we're mighty proud of: Steve's issue #0 was named one of the best covers of the month by Comics Alliance!

The Weekly Crisis also deemed Steve's cover as one of their covers of the week.

Michael sat down with the good folks Dragon's Lair Comics for their series of creator podcasts.

My Comic Network says Hoax Hunters has "one of the most clever concepts I've seen in a comic in a long time" and it's "one series I wouldn't dare miss out on."

In a word, "brilliant." That's what Comic Book Bin thinks of Hoax Hunters. 

Biff Bam Pop! named Hoax Hunters it's Wednesday Run selection!

Also, Biff Bam Pop! conducted an in-depth interview with Steve, JM, and me. I think it's a good one.

iFanboy had some kind words for issue #0, calling the story "excellent."

Gamma Squad calls issue #0 a "must read!"

"A crazy, crazy comic." That's what Comics Vanguard calls issue #0.

IGN says Hoax Hunters is a "pretty damn fun book."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hoax Hunters In Stores Tomorrow!

Yep, after a year of being a backup, some time in between (putting the book together, finding a new artist, soliciting, promoting, writing the new arc, etc.) issue #0 is hitting the stands tomorrow. Tomorrow! Steve, JM, Axel, and I are all really excited and can't wait to hear what everyone thinks. So far the reviews and feedback have been very, very positive and we hope to see that trend continue.

We've said it before, but we'll say it again: thank you to all the retailers who have ordered and supported the book, the fans who have been talking it up, and the media who have played an integral role it getting the word out. Making comics is all about the love of the medium and the risks you're willing to take--with your creativity, with your time, with your energy, and so much more. The Hoax Hunters creative team is happy where we're at on all counts, and that wouldn't be possible without all the help we've gotten along the way.

Anyway, I'll put the award acceptance speech away for another day. Point being: we have gratitude.

In the time between now and the issue's release, here's some more press Hoax Hunters has received:

Hoax Hunters is Bloody Disgusting's "Pick of the Week." They say the "artwork and script mesh together well, and I have a feeling it will only get better as they continue their Hoax Hunters run," and "#0 is a very strong start to what could be a great series"

Comic Book Resources has a big, nine-page preview of issue #0. 

Watch this video: IGN has issue #0 as one of their top picks of the week!

Spandexless says issue #0 is "solid debut...remains a fun read that delivers in a bunch of different ways."

iFanboy has a nifty preview up!

I sat down with the always great Sohaib Awan to talk Hoax Hunters and my obsession with Lost on the Fictional Frontiers radio show. 

Starburst "recommends" issue zero, saying "if you’re looking for a comic that does for paranormal research what Hack/Slash did for horror then Hoax Hunters is going to be the series for you. There’s enough potential in the TV show angle to carry a compelling monthly series and enough genuine creativity to breathe life into a lot of existing urban legends and conspiracies."

Another preview, this one from Comic Buzz.

Broken Frontier says "Not only does Hoax Hunters have a fun and interesting premise, but writers Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley have filled their pages with some great characters that beg to be followed."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hoax Hunters Contest at TFAW!

How would you like to win one of the two above sketches from Hoax Hunters artist Axel Medellin? You can, and it's pretty easy! Courtesy of our good friends at TFAW, they're giving these sketches away via Twitter to two lucky winners, chosen at random. To enter, here's what you need to do:


  1. Follow @TFAW on Twitter
  2. Retweet the following: Win one of two @AxelMedellin sketches for Hoax Hunters, @ImageComics' SPOOKY series: RT & follow us to enter!
  3. Contest ends March 18, 2012!  
Remember, Hoax Hunters issue #0 release March 21, so be sure to pick up a copy at your LCS!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hoax Hunters Out and About

Steve and I have a few signings lined up for the release of Hoax Hunters, issue #0 (which is right around the corner!).

On the day of release, we'll be at Third Coast Comics from 3-6.

Then, on Saturday the 24th, we'll be joining forces with Mr. Ryan Browne to celebrate the release of Hoax Hunters and Ryan's terrific IDW book, Smoke and Mirrors. Check out the nifty flyer!

Then, on March 31, Steve and I are making the trek to Madison, Wisconsin to sign at Westfield Comics. And hey, another sweet flyer!

So come by and get your copy of Hoax Hunters #0!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hoax Hunters Meets the Press (and Critics), Part Two

Geeks of Doom praised issue #0, saying "it’s a totally different genre and unlike any book that I’ve read in quite a while" and it's "a perfect comic to give to people that don’t read comics."

Our good friends at Multiversity Comics has an exclusive extended preview of issue #0.

Weekly Comic Book Review gave issue #0 an A-, calling the book a "winner" and saying "this looks like the kind of comic that’s going to appeal to lots of comic fans that enjoy conspiracy theories or cryptozoology."

Steve and I sat down to chat with the always entertaining Decapitated Dan for his weekly podcast. 

Sci-Fi Pulse also had some heavy praise for issue #0, saying the story is "full of fun, quirky oddness and danger, with a team of interesting characters and mysterious situations unlike anything else you’ll find in comics on the stands today."

And, finally, the Well Watchers podcast had some nice words to say about the book, calling it "like Fringe, in the vein of X-Files."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wraparound Cover! Cool Art!

Here's the wraparound cover, with some very flattering quotes:

Also, Steve and I got some, I guess you can say art "inspired" by Hoax Hunters. Or, at least, Hoax Hunters makes an appearance in this piece. It's from GregandFake, two artists whose work Steve and I really admire. We both have pieces of theirs (Steve more than I) adorning our homes--they're unusual with a really vintage, 80s nostalgic style that I think is great.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hoax Hunters Meets the Press, Part One

These past few weeks have been a flurry of activity for Hoax Hunters, as we continue to spread the word on the book and stir up interest. Here's a compilation of the interviews and previews that have ran over the past few weeks

Interview with Things From Another World (look for a contest with TFAW around the time of issue #0's release).

The good people at Multiversity are excited about Hoax Hunters--here's what they say.

Bloody-Disgusting has a preview of issue #0.

In-depth interview with The Death of Comics.

Want an autographed copy of Hoax Hunters issue #0, at a discounted rate? The always cool people at Westfield Comics are offering just that to anyone who pre-orders online.

Podcast interview with Comics Slumber Party.

Podcast interview with Sci-Fi Pulse.

And, finally, Fright Channel says Hoax Hunters is one of their most anticipated things of 2012.

Thanks to everyone who have helped support the book thus far!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here are two pieces of promo art that the always awesome Axel Medellin made for the series. Steve and I wanted to find a way to illustrate the hook behind Hoax Hunters a little clearer for those not yet initiated. Our goal was to highlight the mystery/cover-up angle behind the stories; we thought it would be fun to do so by playing with X-Files inspired tag lines. So, here they are:

Friday, January 13, 2012

What the Pros Are Saying About Hoax Hunters

"Hoax Hunters is a book after my own heart. In fact, I wish I had created it. Anyone who loves smart, weird, breakneck, funny, scary, inventive comics should add Hoax Hunters to their pull list without delay or be labeled a heretic."


"With Hoax Hunters, you get the whole package: engaging characters, high-octane action, and severe creepiness. It's a perfect blend of mystery, horror, and sci-fi. I'm hooked."

--Cullen Bunn, THE SIXTH GUN

"If you like  shows Destination Truth but think they could use more scarecrow astronauts and throat punches, then Hoax Hunters is the book for you: smart, funny and pure entertainment."


"Hoax Hunters is a charming send-up of so called "reality"-TV mystery hunters, except without the script and in its place, living, breathing monsters. Utilizing the pieces of the unknown that we all love to daydream about, Hoax Hunters is a must-read for any fan of urban legends from Bigfoot to UFOs."

--Joey Esposito, FOOTPRINTS

Remember, Hoax Hunters is available for pre-order with your local comic shop from now until mid-February. I'm sure you've heard it before, but the importance of pre-orders cannot be stressed enough. They can make or break a series, especially an indie. So let your retailer know that you want him/her to stock Hoax Hunters #0!

Comic Book Resources has a preview of the issue #0, just in case you're wondering what the book is all about.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nerd City Podcast

Steve and I sit down to chat with Nerd City about Hoax Hunters, D & D, our favorite pop culture tidbits from 2011, and the Latin Grammys. Suffice to say, it's a pretty full show. You can stream the entire episode here.

P.S. So there's no confusion, issue #0 will not come polybagged, nor does it include a bearskin rug.