Friday, January 13, 2012

What the Pros Are Saying About Hoax Hunters

"Hoax Hunters is a book after my own heart. In fact, I wish I had created it. Anyone who loves smart, weird, breakneck, funny, scary, inventive comics should add Hoax Hunters to their pull list without delay or be labeled a heretic."


"With Hoax Hunters, you get the whole package: engaging characters, high-octane action, and severe creepiness. It's a perfect blend of mystery, horror, and sci-fi. I'm hooked."

--Cullen Bunn, THE SIXTH GUN

"If you like  shows Destination Truth but think they could use more scarecrow astronauts and throat punches, then Hoax Hunters is the book for you: smart, funny and pure entertainment."


"Hoax Hunters is a charming send-up of so called "reality"-TV mystery hunters, except without the script and in its place, living, breathing monsters. Utilizing the pieces of the unknown that we all love to daydream about, Hoax Hunters is a must-read for any fan of urban legends from Bigfoot to UFOs."

--Joey Esposito, FOOTPRINTS

Remember, Hoax Hunters is available for pre-order with your local comic shop from now until mid-February. I'm sure you've heard it before, but the importance of pre-orders cannot be stressed enough. They can make or break a series, especially an indie. So let your retailer know that you want him/her to stock Hoax Hunters #0!

Comic Book Resources has a preview of the issue #0, just in case you're wondering what the book is all about.

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