Monday, June 11, 2012

Hitting the Road!

With the release of issue #1 just around the corner (July 4, or the 5th depending on whether your shop opens--so either Independence Day or X Day), Steve and I have a pretty full signing docket ahead of us. We'll be traveling to the east coast, west coast, and a few places in between! If you live around these areas, well, come grab your copy of one of this summer's biggest releases!

Here's the locations and dates:

July 5: Comix Revolution in Evanson, IL, 12-2; Chicago Comics, 6-8

July 7: Collectors Corner in Baltimore, MD, 11-5

July 12-15: SDCC, at the Image booth (table # to come)

August 8: Chimera Comics in LaGrange, IL, celebrating the release of issue #2

September 1: Comic Book University in Indianapolis, IN, celebrating the release of Hack/Slash #19, written by Steve and I

September 8: Powers Comics, Green Bay, WI

See you there!

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