Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Not Convinced?

Steve and I have been promoting the heck out Hoax Hunters, on podcasts, in interviews, through in-store signings. It's our job; it's part of what we do. We believe in the book and so does Image (the greatest comics publisher on Earth) otherwise they wouldn't have given us an ongoing.

Clearly though, we have a horse in this race. You don't have to take the awesomeness of Hoax Hunters from us. Take it from all of these people:

Biff Bam Crash says "Hoax Hunters #1 is a strong debut for a promising series. Moreci , Seeley, and Medellin and artist are a deadly combination."

Newsarama listed issue #1 as one of their Must-Reads of the week.

Geeks of Doom says issue #1 is "fantastic" and "Medellin conveys a sense of SUSPENSE, which is hard to do in a comic, but it hearkens back to the old Universal Monsters films where all the “horror” was in the acting, mood, and lighting."

Comics Should Be Good asks "What more do you want people? What more do you want?!?!" and advises everyone to "Go pick up this series!" in their glowing review.

From the Tomb Magazine gave Hoax Hunters #1 a 4.5 of 5 rating, saying it has "great pacing and some killer mystery that is left to unfold. Hoax Hunters is simply put, a fun read that plays with monster mythos," and Axel Medellin "created one of the most GORE-Geous swamp monsters I have ever seen."

Bloody Disgusting gave Hoax Hunters #1 4 of 5 skulls, saying  "this is an awesomely satirical book that not only examines our obsession with hoaxes, but also society’s recent obsession with reality television."

My Comic Network calls Hoax Hunters a "great comic" and says "I cannot wait to see the rest of the ride planned for this series."

Sci-Fi Pulse gave issue #1 a 5 of 5 rating, saying "you simply have no idea what will happen next, and that makes for a powerful reading experience not be missed!"

Horror's Not Dead released an outstanding review of issue #1, commenting on the mystery and the depth of the character. "The writing keeps me intrigued and wanting more without revealing too much." Also, Axel's art "is detailed, well framed, and does an excellent job of pacing the story and dialogue."

Broken Frontier gave the issue a glowing review, saying "Moreci and Seeley clearly took fullest advantage of those short intermittent months between #0 and #1, as the pair injected page after page of fresh character development, a new story greater in scope than expected, all the while giving new artist, Axel Medellin, several plot points to flex his artist talents."

Well Watchers podcast had some really nice things to say about issue #1, calling it "pretty damn good...perfect mix of horror and investigation." They praise Axel's "fantastic art" and give the issue a solid 14/17 rating

Burnt Weiners has Hoax Hunters #1 as their Pick of the Week, saying "the art is fantastic and I cannot wait for the rest of the characters to get fleshed out because the writing is very well done."

Biff Bam Pop! has this to say about issue #1: "Great art from Axel Medellin and strong storytelling from Moreci and Seeley is what you’ll find in this first issue of Hoax Hunters. Even better, the creators aren’t spoonfeeding you the typical origin story first, get to know everybody. Instead, as you read, you realize the characters have a backstory that’s being hinted at, one that will undoubtedly come to light as the series continues, giving all of us more reason to keep on reading."

Team Hellions says "I can’t wait for the next issue to come out, and I see this becoming a regular monthly title for me. With great art, better story writing, and a killer concept, Hoax Hunters has the ability to dazzle, to fill the void sorely missing in comics when it comes to paranormal subjects steeped in reality and truth."

Comic Monsters gave issue #1 3 1/2 stars, saying, "Fans of television's backup stories like Supernatural's Ghost Facers and, more specifically, the X-Files' The Lone Gunmen are going to want to pick this up immediately."

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