Friday, January 18, 2013

Review Round Up

Issue 6 just came out, and the consensus is that it's pretty damn awesome. See for yourself:

Newsarama gave the issue 10 of 10 (a perfect score, people!), saying "This sharper outing is just what Hoax Hunters needed to make it stand out from other similar comics."

Bloody-Disgusting awarded #6 with four skulls, saying "If you haven’t already, this is a the perfect issue to start reading the series."

The Beat gave the issue a fantastic review, noting the "smartly woven" character stories, saying "the subplots give readers something to hang onto from issue-to-issue, and distracts from the ‘monster of the week’ format."

"I am most definitely looking forward to seeing how it continues," says Unleash the Fanboy in their four star review.

IGN says "this feels like it could be the first issue of the series" in its very strong review.

Read Comic Books says "Hoax Hunters is a comic on the verge of greatness," awarding the issue an 8 of 10 rating.

Team Hellions declares issue #6 the "best issue of Hoax Hunters to date."

"Hoax Hunters is a fun, refreshing, modern take on the sci-fi horror mysteries you grew up loving, and shouldn’t be missed by fans of the medium," says Biff Bam Crash! in its stellar review.

Weekly Comic Review scored issue #6 an A-, calling it a "great series."

Geekality gave the issue four stars, declaring "Hoax Hunters is a riot. Read it!"

Talking Comics says "this series is one that I’ve been reading and enjoying since the start" in its strong review.

Horror Talk, who names Hoax Hunters the best comic of 2012, gave issue #6 a four and a half star review.

Even Comic Bastards, who really, really didn't enjoy the first arc are starting to come around, giving it a three of five rating. 

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