Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hoax Hunters Has You Covered (In Variants)

As we look toward the highly anticipated return of Hoax Hunters after a three-month hiatus with issue #10, we wanted to share the three variant covers that will be available. Also shown here is the Wizard World variant for Case Files #1, just because it's so damn cool. Going left to right, top to bottom, you have the Phantom Variant, which is the first of four interlocking covers. Art by Jenny Frison. The individual pieces are amazing enough--but when all four are together, it's an incredible piece. Next is the Project Comic Con/Comics Castle variant, art by Tim Seeley, colors by Sean Dove. Hot Regan, not much else needed. Then you have the Comics and More variant, art by Mike Oritz. Yep, that's Steve, owner Chris Brown, Ortiz, and I playing with Hoax Hunters action figures. Dream come true! Last is the Case Files variant, art by Matt Waite. 8-bit awesomeness.

Steve and I will be signing the Comics and More variant on September 14 at the shop, and we'll be at Project Comic Con from September 21-22, signing the Seeley variant. Lots of travels ahead!