Thursday, May 17, 2012

August Double Dip!

Word finally got out, so I can at last say it publicly: Steve and I are writing an upcoming issue of Hack/Slash! This is something we’re both incredibly excited about. Personally, I’ve been a fan of Hack/Slash for years, so being given the opportunity to write an issue has been a surreal, yet amazingly fulfilling experience. Hack/Slash #19 releases August 22 and features are from Emilio Laiso. The solicit text goes like this:

Slashers, by their very nature, are hard to keep in their graves, and sometimes putting them there over and over again tests even the resolve of Cassie and Vlad. HOAX HUNTERS creators MICHAEL MORECI and STEVE SEELEY join fan-favorite artist EMILIO LAISO to tell a dark tale of the price slasher-hunters must sometime pay to take down their prey.

I’ll be honest, this is a pretty dark issue. At times when writing it, Steve and I discussed how bleak the story was getting, but we ran with it and we think Hack/Slash fans are going to be pleased.

Above are the two covers, the one on the left by Emilio, the one on the right by the man himself, Tim Seeley.

August also sees the release of Hoax Hunters #2. I’ll be talking about this plenty in coming weeks, so I won’t get into detail here. I’ll just say that the final page has something that, really, is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. All the credit for that goes to Axel Medellin and his amazing talents. Credit for the awesome cover goes to my pal Tristan Jones, who I think had a lot of fun playing with the iconic Bigfoot pose. Look for this issue August 8th.

Here’s the solicit text:

Danger awaits the Hoax Hunters at the mysterious carnival – a roaming band of cryptids with an agenda all their own. An old foe emerges, wielding a power the likes of which the Hoax Hunters have never seen. Not to mention an enormous, hideous monster.

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